Zerona Laser – Most Common Questions Answered

Zerona laser is one of the most popular treatments available to help people shed fat from their bodies quickly with results unlike any other. From top celebrities in Hollywood to everyday people looking to slim problematic parts of their bodies, there are many certified Zerona laser clinics in North America and several worldwide.  With the popularity of this device rising each year, soon it will be available in all major cities.

To find out more about this remarkable body slimming treatment, check out the most common questions that are asked:

How Does Zerona Laser Work?

Zerona uses low level (cold) laser technology that can easily target problem areas from outside the body. These lasers disrupt the stubborn fat cells that are store excess fat in the body, forcing the fat to be released and naturally expelled by the body.

When was Zerona Introduced to North America?

Zerona aesthetic laser treatments were introduced in 2009 after over 10 years of extensive research. It was first used in the United States and soon after in Canada. After receiving much acclaim for the benefits and effectiveness of the treatments, more and more clinics have opened up across both countries.

Who is the Best Candidate for Zerona Laser Treatments?

The best candidates for these body slimming treatments are those who lead a healthy lifestyle but simply need help getting rid of stubborn fat that’s very difficult to get rid of, even with good nutrition and regular exercise.  They are healthy individuals who are ready to commit to good habits and the treatment schedule.

Is Zerona Laser Safe for Everyone?

Yes, Zerona is FDA and Health Canada approved for safety and effectiveness. Zerona laser is a  non-invasive treatment for aesthetic use. Zerona treatments are not recommended  for pregnant women or patients who have a pacemaker. There are no known side effects with Zerona.

How Many Treatments are Required?

It’s recommended to have six to twelve regular treatments in order to get the best possible results. A different treatment package is recommended if the Body Mass Index is over 30. Proper consultation with the doctor and certified technicians will give you a better idea of how many treatments would work best.

How Long until Results are Noticeable?

The majority of Zerona users will have noticeable results within two weeks of their first treatment. There will be a noticeable slimming and toning around the targeted problem areas.

Is the Fat Loss Permanent?

Yes, the fat loss in targeted areas is permanent when weight is maintained. Everyone is reminded of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise. It’s always important to have balanced nutrition and regular exercise to maintain treatment benefits.

Should Anything be Avoided Between Treatments?

It is recommended to avoid caffeine and alcohol during the treatment program. This is because they are dehydrating and the body must stay well hydrated before and after each procedure.  

Are Zerona Laser Treatments Covered by Insurance?

Zerona treatments are generally not covered by insurance. Treatments may qualify under self directed health spending plans.

To find out more information about Zerona treatments or to book a professional consultation, contact us!

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