Weight Management Program

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Medical Weight Management Through Motivation

The Medical Weight Management clinic has assisted in the care of over 35,000 patients.

Our Motivation Program is the reason our patients are so successful losing weight and keeping it off. The program, originally developed by Dr. Maurice Larocque from Montreal, consists of weekly motivational materials, weight management books and a computer program called the “Mental Weight” (MW) personality assessment which allows us to identify your challenges and customize a program that is just right for you. We will assess your habits, motivation, self-image, stress and emotional control and help identify your “Why”. Once the causes are identified, the computer directs you to helpful weight management information. In other words, our weight management clinic treats not only the physical condition but treats the causes of weight management/loss challenges.

First Visit:

Initial free consultation by our doctor (who has been specially trained in bariatric medicine).

A detailed bariatric medical history is taken and a physical examination performed (including height, weight, waist measurement, Body Mass Index (BMI), and body fat analysis.

Laboratory tests and an electrocardiogram (EKG) ordered as needed.

The medical nutritional therapy plan is selected from the various menu options and explained in detail. Our individualized nutrition plan options include standard as well as protein supplemented diets. These special medical ketogenic diets originated from the work done by Dr. George Blackburn at Harvard Medical School in Boston and result in safe and faster weight loss.

Patients receive a Motivational Weight Management book.

A login and Password are provided for access to the “Mental Weight” personality computer test to be completed at home.

We will also assess as appropriate for weight loss  medication or referrals for surgery.

Second Visit:

Review of the first week’s experiences and modifications of the program are made if needed. Patients have a choice to adjust their menu at any subsequent visits and continue to individualize their program.

Motivational counselling by a weight management consultant and by the doctor and weekly motivational materials are reviewed. The doctor will review health improvement, reduce or eliminate medications as weight loss progresses and review lab tests and EKG results.

Subsequent Weekly Visit:

Patients receive on going one on one counselling by a weight management consultant or doctor, review weekly progress and receive weekly motivation material.