Weight Loss Books and CDs

Here is the selection of books and CDs currently available at the Lefebre and Burke Centre.


Be Thin Through Motivation

In this 221-page best seller, Dr. Larocque explains that to lose weight you must increase your motivation. First of all, you need to eliminate your mental blocks (such as sexual blocks, loss of contact with your body, fear of failure, etc.). The many testimonies in this book will show you how it is possible to be thin through motivation.

The New Dietary Revolution

Maurice Larocque, MD and Harry J. Lefebre, MD, both leaders in the treatment of obesity, give you the keys to a revolutionary method for maintaining your health through diet. The new approach they recommend is based on many scientific studies and their own experience with patients of all ages whose weight management has been facilitated by nutritional advice and behaviour therapy. By following their wise recommendations and 250 easy recipes, you will be eating a healthy, well-balanced diet, without having to renounce all the food you enjoy. This healthy diet will allow you to maintain your weight and, at the same time, decrease your risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and cancer.


It’s your choice. Healthy mind, healthy body
After the incredible success of “It’s your choice!” for teenagers, here is the Cd for adults! Dr Larocque speaks about nutrition, emotions, motivational blocks and more… Here is the Cd that you were waiting for.

It’s your choice.
Finally a program for teenagers… and their parents! Dr Larocque approaches topics that could be stressful for teenagers (food, emotions, relationships with parents, sexuality…) in all honesty and no holding back.

Acquire positive motivation
Starting a diet is not a simple task. To build good motivation, you need help. With this program, your only job will be to listen to the CD 12 minutes a day for 21 days. Soon you will see that a strong motivation is essential to lose weight.

Eliminate your taste for sweets

Sugar is often number one enemy for people with a weight problem. Thanks to this Cd, you will understand how to control your sugar cravings and how to reward yourself in another manner. 12 minutes a day for 21 days will end this terrible habit. It’s worth it!

Learn to reward yourself
To learn to reward yourself positively (not with food), here is an exclusive program for motivation and mental programming… With only 12 minutes a day for 21 days, learn how to eliminate your deprivation feelings and make the best food choices.

Learn to master stress and emotions
Master your stress and stop letting your emotions influence your eating! With only 12 minutes a day for 21 days, learn to be more serene and in control of your food. 


Change your eating habits                                                                       Remember: Food is your best medicine! With this program, you will soon learn how to automatically choose the best food for better health.