Realistic Goals

This topic is somewhat of an overlap to previous articles (setting success goals, dimmer switch and coping with a lapse), but setting day to day realistic goals warrants its own discussion. Humans in general and dieters in particular, tend to be perfectionists and as a result try to be perfect all the time. If they…Read More

Diet Saboteurs

How often have the following examples happened to you? 1) You’ve lost a lot of weight and suddenly a co-worker brings in donuts to the office. 2) Your husband brings home a box of your favorite chocolates to celebrate your weight loss. 3) Your mom bakes your favorite pie and tells you how great you…Read More

Calorie Banking For Weight Loss Maintenance

Once patients have reached maintenance, “calorie banking” is a concept that is a very practical approach in helping them balance their food intake for life. It stems from the idea that we live in a society that is basically 5 days on and 2 days off (referring to a work or school week). Once a…Read More

The Scale

This might come as a surprise to most of you, but the scale is the number one contributing factor for people quitting their weight control efforts. Yet the factor that leads to most failures is the single most important measurement that everyone focuses on. I know in our office that we weigh patients weekly, but…Read More

Successful Restarting Starts With Decreasing Guilt

After an absence from attending our office, many of you are holding back returning because of guilt or embarrassment that you have regained some weight. At our clinic, we are quite aware of this and as a result, we continue to pass on many reassuring ideas that have helped our restart patients deal with much…Read More

Obesity—“A Disease of Procrastination”

How many times have many of you said to yourself –“Here I am 50 pounds overweight-if I had only done something when I was just 20 pounds over”? Obesity over the years has often been described as a disorder, or a disease of procrastination. Why do humans often procrastinate and in particular, why do overweight…Read More


For most of us, who are working at controlling our weight, the most difficult days to get through are often the weekends, starting on Friday afternoon. We often do well following our “diet plan” and exercise routine throughout the week, then along comes Friday. I have a few ideas that I believe will help you…Read More

Preventing and Coping With a Lapse

At our clinic we focus on key concepts that have helped many patients gain better control of their weight concerns. We have talked about setting success goals, the “dimmer switch” and in this article we would like to discuss the concept of preventing and coping with a lapse. A lapse is simply a term for…Read More

The Dimmer Switch

Since March, 1988, when the clinic first opened, we have had countless number of patients say that the “Dimmer Switch” concept has helped (more than any other idea) change their thinking and attitude in respect to their weight control efforts. It has become apparent, since our opening many years ago, that the majority of overweight…Read More


WALKING FOR YOUR HEALTH, STARTING TODAY! By Frances M. Berg M.S. Make walking a lifetime habit by starting today with a five minute walk. That’s right – just five minutes. It’s enough. Too many people begin with a brisk two-mile walk, and never come back! Walking is an excellent, pleasurable aerobic activity. It can be…Read More

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