What is the difference between the LimeLight Facial rejuvenation and the Pearl Photo Facial treatments?

You may have heard about the increasingly popular photo facial treatments and wondered if they’re right for you. There are many different photo facial treatment options out there, and we’ll be looking at two of the most popular in this article: LimeLight facial rejuvenation and Pearl Photo Facial. Both these treatments can help revitalize your skin by making it healthier and younger looking. However, there are some important differences between them. This article will provide an overview covering both of these popular photo facial methods to make it easier to decide which one is right for you.

Stepping Into The LimeLight: What is LimeLight facial rejuvenation and what should you expect from it?

photo-facialphoto-facialLimeLight represents a new invention in the field of skin care that uses carefully calibrated light energy to improve skin tone, repair sun damage, and treat skin discolourations. It may sound like a miracle treatment, but the principals behind this photo facial technique are simple. The practitioner will customize the facial to your skin type and consult with you to determine what areas you would like treated, generally around the face and neck. Then they selectively treat those areas for brown or red discolouration, improving and evening overall skin tone. During the photo facial there is only a mild pinching sensation, and most patients do not need any anesthesia. Depending on the level of skin damage you are looking to repair you should expect one to three treatments; however badly sun damaged skin may take further treatment. After the LimeLight facial treatment you can expect to start seeing results in one to three weeks.

Pearl Photo Facials: how does it work and what are the results?

The Pearl Photo Facial procedure also uses light energy, but is designed to reduce wrinkles, sun damage, and uneven texture. Slightly more intensive than the LimeLight treatment, it is able to act directly upon wrinkles and damaged skin. Again you will select treatment areas during your consultation. Then these areas are treated with pulses of light that work both on the surface layer of cells and on the tissue below. The surface layer of skin will peel off after a few days allowing healthy, smooth, and soft skin underneath. The deeper level of heat works to stimulate further growth of healthy skin, or treat broken capillaries and the like. Expect a bit of a social cooling off period for three to four days after a Pearl Photo Facial; it can take time for the old skin to give way to the new, and during this time your face may appear red or sunburnt, and you will need to apply ointment. But after a few days you’ll be ready to go full speed ahead again, with your younger and healthier looking skin.

Common traits and what to expect with a Photo Facial

Both the Pearl and LimeLight photo facial treatments are medical procedures, and as such you should make sure to plan for the time needed for a consultation before undergoing either treatment. That said, they are both exceptionally safe procedures with only very mild amounts of pain, and most patients do not need any pain medication. Both treatments are individually tailored to your needs, targeting specific layers of skin and only in designated treatment areas. And most importantly, both treatments can revitalize your skin and help it look and feel younger and clearer. If this article has left you with any questions about Photo Facials, don’t hesitate to contact a local reputable medical spa.



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