What Is Laser Genesis and is it Right for You?

medical-spa-calgary-laser-genesisVibrant and healthy looking skin is a common goal for men and women, but that goal can be at odds with Canadian winters. The harsh elements and the reflected sun coming off the snow make skin damage a common part of winter in Calgary. Medical Spas can provide a range of treatments to help, and this is the perfect time of year to think about freshening up for spring and summer and leaving winter behind.

Laser Genesis skin therapy offers a gentle way to achieve dramatic results, leading to skin that looks and feels years younger. As the name implies, Laser Genesis is a skin care technique that uses gentle and non-invasive lasers to improve your skin. In this article we’ll be giving you a brief overview of what Laser Genesis can do, how it works, and what you can expect during the treatment process. If it turns out to be something you’re interested in, you can easily find this treatment at a qualified medical spa in Calgary.

What Results Does Laser Genesis Treatment Offer?

Laser Genesis treats specific conditions or imperfections such as sun damage, excessive redness, enlarged pores, mild scars, and fine line wrinkles. The specific areas are identified ahead of time during a consultation, and then the areas are targeted and treated by a medical technician. The Laser Genesis process is close to painless, with most patients reporting a simple warming sensation in the areas being treated. Each session yields subtle results, culminating in significant changes over 2 to 5 visits. Some patients may require more visits, and some fewer.  After each treatment there is minimal downtime, a slight facial redness that fades away with in hours is noticed in some patients. The treatment is offered at select medical spas in Calgary, so we suggest calling to find a suitable location.

How does Laser Genesis Treatment Work

Laser Genesis uses similar principals to photo facials, however, by comparison it users a gentler laser to target areas closer to the surface. Laser Genesis provides a gentle heat below the upper layers of your skin, directly on the damaged areas. It then stimulates collagen regrowth in those areas, naturally stimulating healing, minor skin tightening, along with the growth of new and healthy skin. The procedure involves a hand-held applicator which is held about half an inch away from your skin. Laser Genesis treatment is perfectly safe, and has few negative side-effects. Although Laser Genesis is extremely safe, we always recommend having the treatment performed at a reputable medical spa. Medical spas with doctors running them tend to have more knowledgeable staff that will be better trained in the use of the Genesis Laser. Calgary has several such establishments, so don’t expose yourself to risks by going to a place you’re nervous about.

What does the Laser Genesis Treatment Process Entail?

After finding a suitable medical spa in Calgary or the surrounding area, you may be wondering what the experience itself will be like. On your first visit you should expect a one on one consultation with a doctor who will examine your skin and discuss treatment options. Depending on any skin conditions you might have, or the nature of skin damage, one or more treatment options will be discussed. If you decide Laser Genesis is the right way to go you will get an estimate of how many sessions it will take to achieve desired results. After treatment most patients are fine to resume normal activity, although some may experience facial redness for a few hours. There is no preparation required for Laser Genesis, and you don’t need to do anything special before your medical spa visits. Simply show up to your favorite medical spa in Calgary and get ready for revitalized, healthier, and younger looking skin.


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