The Failure Sheet

After a deviation from your diet, you may feel like a failure.

Please stop for a few seconds and answer these questions carefully:

1.     I’ve deviated from my diet:

a)     With a  large amount of food,

b)     With a moderate amount of food

c)     With a small amount of food.

2.     The quality of food that  I’ve eaten was:

a)     Very high in calories,

b)     Average,

c)     Low in calories.

3.     Compared to past deviations, I’ve eaten:

a)     More than usual,

b)     As usual,

c)     Less than usual.

4.     Considering your faulty behaviour during the last week, how many times, days, or minutes did you deviate:

a)     All of the time?

b)     About ¾ of the time?

c)     About half the time?

d)     Less than half the time?

e)     Number of minutes?

5.     Facing hardship, what is the best attitude to have:

a)     To quit?

b)     To persevere?

c)     To learn from your mistakes in order to improve?

6.     How many pounds did you put on with your deviation?

Your answer: _______

7.     Considering it takes 3,500 calories in excess of your daily needs to gain 1 pound of fat, were these extra pounds:

a)     Only fat?

b)     Partly fat and water?

c)     More water than fat?

8.     How many pounds have you lost since you’ve been dieting?

Your answer: _________

9.     Did you gain all of of your weight back?



10.  How many pounds have you kept off?

Your answer: ________

11.  Try to imagine how many pounds that you’re going to lose next week if you have a good week?

Your answer: _________

12.  Do you feel that you are :

a)     A real failure?

b)     A normal human being on your way to failure?

c)     A normal human being on your way to success?

13.  Do you know of any perfect human being?



14.  Do you have to be perfect yourself?



15.  WRITE down what you are positively learning from this experience (please write something).

I am learning that: ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­__________________________________________________________

16.  NOW, STOP and visualize your ultimate goal – imagine yourself, see your clothes, feel that wonderful sensation of success and self-appreciation of being at your desired weight.Imagine the benefits in full detail.




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