Restaurants and Trips

  1. Restaurants and Trips

a)      You may go to restaurants; it is a pleasurable moment to spend with cherished ones.

b)      Decide in advance what you want to eat and choose your restaurant accordingly.

c)      Refrain from reading the menu; the temptation may be too difficult to resist.

d)      Order in an assertive fashion, without shyness before the other people at your table.

e)      Begin your meal with tomato juice or a big salad. Ask to have a slice of lemon to eat with your salad instead of dressing.

f)       Here are a few examples of menus that you are able to order at restaurants:

Roast beef, veal cutlets or lamb chops (without gravy), Bar-B-Q chicken or roast chicken, (without sauce, without fries, take off the skin), grilled fish with lemon juice (trout, salmon, lobster), grilled steak, vegetables that are suitable for your own diet, potatoes must always be oven baked, for dessert you may have fruit and jello.

g)      Eat a bit before you leave for the restaurant; for example: celery sticks, cucumber slices, lettuce leaves, cheese or cold cuts.

h)      Avoid a pre- meal cocktail; a glass of dry wine during the meal would be more suitable.

2. Trips

a)      Organize your vacation in view of your new activities; sightseeing, sports etc…

b)      Before leaving get information about the local eating habits and estimate the caloric value of the dishes.

c)      Be moderate, eat only at regular hours and watch your quantities.

d)      Increase your physical activity while on vacation and take the opportunity to walk more.


1.    Banquets, Receptions, Parties

a)      Keep away from platters of chips, nuts…

b)      Be active, participate in games, dances etc…

c)      At meal time, learn to recognize the foods that are permitted, just eat the quantities allotted to you in your diet. Eliminate the forbidden foods. For a buffet, take the permitted foods and do not go for seconds. For a snack at the end of the evening, choose a few raw fruits and vegetables, small pieces of low fat cheese or a slice of a low fat cold cut.

2.   Invitations

a)      If you are still following a strict diet, get in touch with your host before the reception and ask him or her for their cooperation regarding the possibility of accommodating your diet wishes or perhaps letting you bring your own food.

3.     Outside the house

a)      To help you out in unexpected situations you can keep in your handbag or in your car, a can of tuna or chicken.

b)      Take at the cantina or the cafeteria the permitted foods:

Cantina: Eggs in vinegar

Cheese in packages of 1 oz.

Broth or soup

Tomato juice or vegetable juice

Fruit (apple or oranges)

Cafeteria: You can easily choose permitted foods and in quantities allowed in your diet

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