Questions to Ask Before Getting Laser Facial Rejuvenation

Patient-Asking-QuestionsLaser facial rejuvenation is a serious medical procedure. And as a potential patient, you should do your due diligence and know as much about it before you make any commitments. Be assured that, even if you’re intimidated by doctors and health care professionals, they’re available to help and answer your questions.

Is Laser Facial Rejuvenation for You?

The very first question you should ask is: “Am I a good candidate for this procedure?” This is important because as a layperson without medical training, you may not have diagnosed your skin issue accurately. Indeed, you certainly wouldn’t want to proceed with laser facial rejuvenation if what you have can be treated by simpler or less invasive means.

Also, when you ask this question, you’ll discover more information about the procedure, which will help you feel more at ease with the process if, ultimately, it’s the right decision for you.

Ask for Before and After Photos

Another good question to ask is: “Do you have before and after photos that I can see for this procedure?” Indeed, it’s certainly worthwhile to see what others look like before and after their laser facial rejuvenation, so there are no surprises when you see yourself in the mirror after your procedure. You should also ask the doctor about the results someone with your skin type should expect.

Qualify the Certification & Experience of the Doctor

Now, this is where some patients get nervous. People in clinical white or blue coats can be intimidating, and you may feel uncomfortable asking whether they are qualified to perform laser facial rejuvenation. However, you shouldn’t feel intimidated at all! You have every right to know how many procedures a particular doctor has completed, and what his or certifications and credential are. What’s more, you may be surprised to learn that most doctors really enjoy talking about their experiences and their work, and so they’ll find the interaction as important and rewarding as you do. If you still feel a little intimidated, then here’s a trick: imagine that it’s not you who’s the prospective patient, but rather it’s your child, parent or some other loved one. When you look at things that way, you’ll feel more confident, and certainly won’t shy away from asking pertinent questions!

Understand the Risks

No matter how small, all medical procedures, by their very nature, come with risks — and laser facial rejuvenation is no different. As such, you should ask direct questions about these risks, and understand the possible implications and consequences. It’s much better to know beforehand what complications can arise so you’re calm if and when they do happen. Not having a good grasp of what’s going on could send you into a panic, and turn a manageable situation into something much worse.

Also keep in mind that, sometimes, complications arise as a result of patients not following correct pre and post-procedure instructions. As such, it’s wise to ask what is expected of you before and after receiving laser facial rejuvenation, so that you can be well prepared. For example, you may be asked to cease smoking or wash your face in a particular manner, in addition to other instructions. It’s very important that you follow your doctor’s orders to the letter, so that you can experience the best possible results.

Recovery and Post-Operation Expectations

Once your laser facial rejuvenation operation is complete, there’s a list of things to look out for – and, once again, you should ask about these before the procedure so that you’re ahead of the game. A question you should definitely ask is: “Are there are any specific post-procedure instructions for me to follow?” Equipped with this information, you’ll find that your post-recovery period is much more pleasant, and you can be on your way to showing off new and improved, healthy, glowing complexion!


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