Photo Facials for Teens: Why starting now is a good idea!

Photo-Facials-TeensPhoto Facials are increasingly common at medical spas, and with good reason. They’re a safe, reliable, and easy way to get noticeable results fast. With this popularity it’s no wonder more and more teens are getting curious about photo facials and if they might be right for them. Dealing with acne or skin conditions as a youth is a frustrating and painful ordeal, so it’s only natural to want to learn more about every treatment option available.

This article will offer a quick explanation of how photo facials work on skin, and why they can benefit teens. We’ll focus on common dermatological problems teens might face, as well as the benefits that carry on late into life. Hopefully after reading this article you’ll have a good idea if photo facials are right for you or your teen.


What are Photo Facials, and are they Safe for Teenage Skin?

Photo facials use a series of intense lights that pulse in a set pattern to apply light energy under the skin, and only to specifically targeted areas. This light triggers cell growth, a boost in natural collagen production and decreases inflammation. Photo facials are perfectly safe and non-invasive when used under proper medical supervision, even for young hormonal skin. We strongly recommend any photo facials are administered by a reputable medical service, such as at the doctor’s office or a medical spa. Make sure a doctor on staff is there to consult with you and examine any existing skin conditions before you start treatment. Photo facials are not available to people who take the medication Accutane.


Treatment for Acne, Acne Scars, or Other Skin Conditions

If you’re a teen who suffers from severe acne, icepick scars, rosacea, or other common skin conditions then photo facials might be perfect for you. The procedure can result in rapid improvement to your skin condition over only a few days or weeks. Depending on the exact condition and the severity it may take anywhere from one short session to several visits for repeated applications. Luckily, any reputable medical spa will have a doctor on staff who will give you an individual assessment. This assessment will take into account past treatments you may have gone through for skin conditions, as well as the options available for treating your condition. During this consultation they will also cover how many sessions of treatment you are likely to need, and what results you can expect. If you’re looking to get a photo facial before an important event it’s good to go speak with a doctor at a medical spa well in advance to make sure your skin is ready to go for the big day. Always make sure you leave enough time between the photo facial and your event.


Skin Revitalization Benefits that Last: Photo facial benefits extend past your teen years

Getting a photo facial is a great way to improve acne, scarring and any existing imperfections. As inflammation is decreased, you reduce the chances of any serious damage that can be caused by severe acne or skin conditions that cause scarring. Getting photo facial treatments as a teen does wonders for achieving luxurious and healthy skin that will last into adult life. Photo facials revitalize the skin and thus prevent skin damage as a teenager from impacting you as an adult. This is particularly valuable when it comes to issues like sun damage which aren’t always visible in the early stages. Preventative treatment before any signs of damage start to show can keep teenaged skin looking naturally young and healthy for a very long time.


View before and after pictures of real Photo Facial patients.


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