Today Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011 marks the 23rd anniversary of the opening of the Lefebre and Burke Weight Loss & Laser Centre. In fact we opened on a Wednesday (like this year), three days after the Calgary Winter Olympics closed. I’ve said many times over the years that the torch went out on the Calgary Olympics on Sunday and the Lefebre and Burke Weight Loss & Laser Centre lights went on 3 days later! Where has the time gone?

Taking a trip down memory lane, I can’t help but think of the eight different offices that we had throughout Calgary, the twenty five physicians(especially Dr. Peggy Burke and Dr. Jackie Safran) and our great staff members:

( in particular, Rose , Judy,Vera, Michelle, Joanne, Connie, Erin, Ilona , Linda, Chris and Tony) who have worked in our clinics over the years.

Back in June of 2009, after spending over 20 years in our office on the main floor, we moved up to our present office on the ninth floor. It has been a great treat after all my years in medicine to finally have a view out of my office window (of which, I have thouroughly enjoyed over the last 21 months).

In addition, it is quite fun when a patient asks me now, “How long has it been since you first opened” and I have fun answering, “It’s been since March 2nd 1988 and we opened right down there”. I can actually see the NE balcony on the third floor of the shorter red building immediately to the East of our present office. We stayed in our first office just a little less than a year before we outgrew our space and moved to the main floor of the Tower.

I would sincerely like to thank all of the above people and of course you, our patients, who have all made the last 23 years of my medical career so enjoyable, rewarding and fulfilling!

Sincerely Yours,

Dr. Harry J. Lefebre, M. D.

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