Motivational Quotes

“Nothing tastes as good, as THIN feels”

“If it is to Be, it is up to Me”

“SUCCESS doesn’t come to you,YOU go to IT!”

“The first bite tastes the Best and the Rest all Tastes the Same”

“A Man who wants to lead an orchestra,must turn his back on the crowd”

“The chief cause of Failure and Unhappiness is trading what we want Most for what we want at the Moment”

“Yesterday is Gone. Forget it. Tomorrow never comes. Don’t worry. Today is here, use it !!”

“People don’t fail, they give up”

“Forgiveness is the glue that repairs broken relationships”

“If you almost follow this diet, you will almost lose weight”

” TEMPER – The only thing that you can’t get rid of, by losing it”

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