Our 7th Leap Year and 24th Anniversary

Introducing the new Calgary Zerona Laser on


March 2nd, 2012 marks the 24th anniversary of the official opening of the LEFEBRE WEIGHT LOSS CLINIC in Calgary. We opened on Wednesday, March 2nd, 1988, three days after the Calgary Winter Olympics closed. It was a Leap Year that year and I recall that we were frantically putting the finishing touches to our office on Monday, Feb.29, 1988 in preparation for our opening two days later. I’ve said many times over the years that the torch went out on the Calgary Olympics on Sunday and the Lefebre Weight Loss Clinic lights went on 3 days later!


Feb.29th, 2012 marks our 7th Leap Year. Since my last Leap Year Newsletter in 2008, we made an office move in June 2009 upstairs to the 9th floor. Last summer we introduced our new and exciting Calgary Zerona Laser to our clinic. Recently, a musical jingle was created specifically for our clinic and will be used for our radio advertising that includes our new slogan, “Being Your Best”. These will become synonymous with our clinic for years to come.


Every Leap Year it’s my custom is to formally acknowledge and thank the people who are working with me at the Lefebre Weight Loss and Calgary Zerona Laser Clinic.

Dr. Peggy Burke and Dr. Jackie Safran have been with me since July of 1989.

Dr Burke has taken over most of the duties for a few years now. As many of you know, I am semi- retired. Dr. Burke has been instrumental in launching a new exciting addition to our Clinic. Last September we began treating patients with our two new Calgary Zerona Lasers. The Zerona Laser is a revolutionary painless laser approved by Health Canada as effective and safe for body slimming. On the Dr. Oz show, the Zerona Laser was referred to as an alternative to liposuction, but with zero pain, zero downtime and zero side effects.

Rose started on March 9th, 1988- one week after we opened. Judy began in September of 1988 and continues to be our Weight Loss and Calgary Zerona Laser Clinic Office Manager. Vera has been with us since 1990. Michelle (who just had her second child Emma) began in 1995 and continues to do computer work for us after hours. Connie has worked for us at the front desk since 1998.

Newer faces in our Weight Loss and Zerona Laser Clinic since our last Leap Year are:

Ilona began working at the Clinic in January of 2009 and Valerie in July 2011 was hired as our first Zerona Laser Calgary technician. Many of our staff have also been Zerona Laser trained and certified. New staff joining us are our receptionists, Rae-Lynn and Diana (both students) and our very recent “Leap Year” additions are Patricia and Jackie. I would also like to acknowledge and thank my brother Tony and Dr. Burke’s husband, Robin. Tony has been my Business Manager since day one and Rob helps renovate our office to accommodate our new Zerona Lasers.


I would sincerely like to thank all of the above people and of course you, our patients, who have all made the last 24 years of my medical career so enjoyable, rewarding and fulfilling!


Sincerely Yours,










Dr. Harry J. Lefebre, M. D.

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