How Does Laser Redness Treatment Work and Is It Right For You?

medical-spa-laser-redness-treatmentIf you suffer from unpleasant and visible red veins along the surface of your face or legs, then you may be a perfect candidate for Cutera Coolglide Excel vein removal. This treatment for red veins is available at select medical spas which can be found by doing a quick internet search. Cutera vein removal uses light energy to target veins near the surface of your skin, clearing them away and allowing healthier skin to flourish, with no need for painful injections. This article will outline the process and benefits you can get from laser redness treatment at a medical spa, helping you make an informed decision about vein treatment. This treatment is extremely safe and causes no long term damage. So rest assured, with the Excel vein removal procedure, unsightly red veins can soon be a thing of the past will very little effort.


How does the process work and what can it treat?

Getting the Cutera Coolglide Excel vein removal procedure at a local medical spa is fairly straightforward and easy process. Essentially, a small laser is used by a trained professional or physician at the medical spa to send pulses of light energy under your skin, directly to the veins near the surface. The light energy interacts with the blood in the veins, causing coagulation and eventually the loss of those specifically targeted blood vessels. Once the vessels are destroyed the material is reabsorbed into your body and blood flow is naturally redirected. The procedure has been designed to use the exact laser wavelength needed, and combined with the expertise of the medical spa staff, this ensures only the offending veins are removed. No veins that are required for good circulation are damaged by the process.


What should I expect when I go to the Medical Spa for Excel vein removal?

Undertaking any medical procedure can be slightly nerve-wracking, so the first thing you should plan for when going to a medical spa is an informative discussion with a health care provider. They will listen to your desires for the treatment, and provide qualified advice on the best treatment options, how many sessions you should expect, and a timeline for results.

During the actual Excel vein removal procedure, a trained member of the medical spa staff will use a hand-held applicator to target the specific areas you discussed earlier. Many patients experience a stinging sensation during the treatment, and although not usually required, some patients prefer to use topical anesthetic prior to the procedure depending on the treatment area. Some are more sensitive than others. Trained Medical spa professionals can provide Cutera Coolglide Excel vein removal treatment on almost any exposed veins causing redness, but is most commonly found around the face and legs. Areas around the nose, mouth, cheeks, and chin are fairly straightforward to treat and will likely not require any anesthetic. Leg veins are also very treatable; however, the veins in the legs are often larger which can result in some momentary discomfort.


What to expect after you leave the medical spa?

Once the procedure is over, the pain will fade almost immediately and present no ongoing discomfort. You may encounter slight redness in the treated areas but this should return to normal within 24 hours. After finishing all the sessions required by the medical spa it may still be several months before the full effects of the Cutera CoolGlide Excel treatment become apparent. This is the time period during which the veins are being broken down and re-absorbed by the body. This time period is absolutely normal, and there is no need for worry if you don’t see immediate results. If you have any concerns after treatment don’t hesitate to contact the medical spa again, they will be happy to help and often offer touch-up sessions if treatments did not clear all targeted areas.


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