What Dr. Lefebre’s Certification in Obesity Medicine Means for Patients

A lot of people have a hard time losing weight on their own and as the rate of obesity rises in North America it is becoming clear that first-line obesity treatments available in the community need the support and skills of a specialist to manage this complex condition.

Dr. Lefebre is a diplomate of Bariatric medicine. A physician with this expertise in the sub-specialty of obesity thoroughly comprehends the various prevention tactics, treatment and techniques that result in effective weight control. They participate in continuous education and are aware of the most up to date research and knowledge in this field.


Dr. Lefebre’s unique skill set is sought out by many who struggle with conventional weight loss treatments because he has specialized knowledge, tools and a unique medical obesity treatment program that has proven successful in helping many thousands of patients over the last 25 years.

His main focus is based around the long-term wellness of his clients, and his forward thinking perspective of the complexities contributing to weight concerns enables him to analyze and assess the various potential causes of obesity. Dr. Lefebre understands factors and priority concerns are different in every case, and that a personalized weight management routine specifically designed around the needs of each individual is necessary to get the long-lasting results they are looking for.

He assesses personal habitual behaviors, physical activity, diet and lifestyle and zeros-in on priority concerns to help stratify an intervention that offers support, stability and feasibility to help improve the quality of life long-term and prevent fluctuation in the future.


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