What Can Laser Facials and Photo Facials Do For You?

photo-facial-calgaryLaser facials, or photo facials, are more than simple beauty treatments. They are amazing services that can significantly improve many common skin conditions. If you are considering having a laser or photo facial, you probably wonder if it can really live up to the claims that it can revitalize and enhance your skin. The answer is yes. There are immense benefits to laser and photo facials; not only that, the effects are long lasting if proper aftercare is taken. Before you make an appointment at your local medical spa, learn more about how these procedures are performed and all the ways they can benefit you.


How Do Laser Facials and Photo Facials Work?


Laser facials and photo facials are cosmetic procedures performed by a doctor that improves the condition of your skin. During a laser or photo facial, pulses of light are applied to your skin in a sequence of varying wavelengths. This treatment causes minimal discomfort and is completely safe. During the application you wear special protective glasses. You may experience a slight warming sensation as the light touches your skin. This is normal and not at all harmful. Laser and photo facials are relatively short procedures: your treatment will usually last less than an hour.


What Advantages and Treatments do Laser and Photo Facials Offer?


Laser and photo facials can improve numerous skin problems regardless of whether they are caused by aging or heredity. Pigmentation problems are one type of skin condition that can benefit from a photo facial. Skin spots such as freckles, age spots, and birthmarks are the result of excess melanin in your skin. The light pulses used in photo facials create a mild heat and eliminate that melanin so that your skin will be smooth and clear and have few or no visible marks from any previous discoloration.


Laser facials are an excellent treatment for acne and acne scarring. During a laser facial, the light deeply penetrates your skin and causes it to release oxygen. The oxygen destroys acne bacteria and reduces inflammation levels in your skin. This process transforms reddened, blotchy skin into glowing, evenly-toned skin.


If you want to reduce fine lines and other visible signs of aging on your skin, laser facials are a perfect way to reduce or remove them. Not only does a laser facial markedly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, it can also significantly reduce redness, uneven complexion and large pores. The laser focuses on these problem areas and diminishes the visible lines, smoothing and rejuvenating your skin. The treatment also stimulates your skin to produce more collagen, which results in anti-aging benefits that will last far beyond the interval of a laser facial treatment.


Acne and age spots are only the beginning of the benefits of having a laser facial. Spider veins and broken capillaries are also easily treated. Using laser light allows the veins to easily be destroyed with the same mild discomfort and radiant results. Because the light pulses specifically target the veins and nowhere else, the surrounding tissue remains unharmed by the treatment.


It is easy to see why laser and photo facials are so popular. They are a safe way to get spectacular results in treating skin problems. Whether you want to reduce the appearance of lines or remove a red area, a laser or photo facial will enhance your appearance and give you vibrant, healthy skin. Laser and photo facials have mild or no side effects and no recovery or downtime. They are also considerably less expensive than cosmetic surgery. If you are looking for an effective treatment that offers fast and safe results, a laser or photo facial may be ideal for you.



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