LATISSE Eye Lash Enhancement

Latisse ( Eye Lash Enhancement)

Grow longer fuller , darker eye lashes in 8 to 12 weeks. No expensive eyelash extensions, or time consuming false eyelashes!

Apply once a day to double your lashes .




Can I still wear mascara if I use LATISSE ?
Yes, there is no problem in using mascara while you are using LATISSE

What if I forget to apply LATISSE?
If you miss a night do not apply extra, simply apply LATISSE the next night .

What if I stop using LATISSE ?
If LATISSE is discontinued , lashes will gradually return to their previous appearance.

Will there be lid pigmentation changes with LATISSE ?
LATISSE may cause darkening to the upper lid. This is expected to be reversible if you stop using LATISSE.

Before (without mascara/with mascara)

Before  Before with Mascara

After 8 weeks  (without mascara/with mascara)

After  After with Mascara

After 16 weeks (without mascara/with mascara)

after 16 weeks without mascara   after 16 weeks with mascara