We strongly recommend an exercise program for four reasons.

1. To help you Control Stress

Everybody complains that we live in an agitated and stressful world and that we tend to become less active physically the more hectic our lives become. The truth is that physical exercise is the best possible treatment for stress. A great time to exercise is the morning. That way you feel the benefits all day long.

2. For the Health of your Heart

Your heart is a muscle and like any muscle it develops when you exercise it regularly. Learn how to get your heart into shape. Measure your heart rate during your workout. It should reach 70% to 85% of maximum. Below 70% is inefficient, above 85% is dangerous. Aerobic exercise is best for your heart. The most popular aerobic activities are running, jogging, cross-country skiing, cycling, racket-ball, tennis, swimming and hiking. Your maximum heart rate is calculated as follows:

220 (-) your age = maximum heart rate

Example for a 40 yr old:  220 (-) 40yrs = 180

70% of 180 = 126

85% of 180 = 153

During exercise a 40 year old’s heart rate should reach between 126 and 153.  Before you begin an exercise program you should have your doctor evaluate your general health and the health of your heart.

3. To help Maintain your Ideal Weight

To maintain your weight, work your way up to 150 minutes of moderate intensity aerobic activity each week. This could be a brisk walking for 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week. Getting to and staying at a healthy weight required both regular physical activity and a healthy eating plan.

4. To Function more Efficiently

A healthy mind in a healthy body. If you think you’re operating at full efficiency with your extra weight, you’ll be surprised at how much more efficiently you function both physically and psychologically, once you’ve reached your ideal weight.

I GET ENOUGH EXERCISE “– this is a common claim. Yet studies using activity monitors have revealed that 85% of the people whose average age was 38 didn’t do half the physical exercise of an average 75 year old in good shape.

Choose An Exercise Program

Everybody who is physically able should take up some form of aerobic exercise; that is exercise that stimulates the heart and lungs. Even those whose health won’t allow them to exercise vigorously can do the following:

  • Walk as often as possible; preferably outside and at a brisk pace. Walking is among the best exercises and accessible to almost everyone and it can be “as close as your front door”.
  • “Think activity” in everything you do. Stretch, bend, park further away, use the stairs etc.

Do it because “your life depends on it”.